Sumy, November 24th-28th, 2014
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Classical Records

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Yuri Didenko

Yuri Didenko (Russia)

Master class on piano, recital

Chairman of the jury for Competition for Young pianists Slobozhanska Fantasy, Internationally acclaimed pianist, winner and prize-winner of numerous international competitions, Professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Mr. Didenko studied piano at the Central Music School affiliated with Alexander Mndoyants and then at the Moscow P.Tchaikovsky Conservatory with Professor Merzhanov. Since 1994, he has been on the piano faculty of the Moscow P. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Since 2005, he has is own class. Yuri Didenko is a prizewinner of numerous competitions in Italy, USA, Belgium, his is the winner of the International Concert Artists Competition in Royal Tunbridge Wells (Great Britain). Internationally acclaimed Russian pianist Yuri Didenko has performed recitals and with orchestras in the best concert halls of Moscow, including Great Hall of Moscow P. Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Moscow International House of Music, cities of the former Soviet Union and abroad: USA, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Greece, Malta, Chile, China, countries of Western Africa, Turkey, Cyprus, South Korea.

Mr. Didenko is in demand for master classes in many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Malta, Germany, Poland, as well as USA, South Korea, and China. He has also served on piano juries of several international piano competitions (as a member and as a chairman of the jury) in Russia, Poland, USA, Greece, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Didenko was an active member and secretary of the Rachmaninov Society of Russia. He is also member of the Presidium of the Scriabin Foundation. In 2003, Mr. Didenko received the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture Award For Special Achievements in Culture.

Graf Murzha

Graf Murzha (Russia)

Master class on violin, recital

Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, a head of strings in Moscow State classic academy named after Maimonid.

Graf Murzha is generally recognized as one of most brilliant, talented and distinctive Russian-Hungarian violinist. He began studying music at the age of three under the supervision of his father. Then for two years, his teacher has been a professor at the Ural State Conservatory, Wolf Usminsky (Sverdlovsk). In 1982, Graf Murzha entered the Tchaikovsky Central Music School in Moscow, the class of Prof. Irina Bochkova. Even in school, at age of 16, he became the laureate and winner of two famous international competitions: Niccolo Paganini in Genoa (1990) and Vianna da Motta in Lisbon (1991), where he was also awarded a special prize for Chaconne Bartok. Graf Murzha graduated from Moscow Conservatory in 1997, and did his postgraduate studies under the supervision of Professor I.Bochkova in 1999. He was awarded the scholarship of the President Yeltsin, for his outstanding results in his studies. At the same time he finished his postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London with the Mateja Marincovich; he won Hattory prize in London for outstanding achievements in his studying. During his studies Mr.Murzha became the laureate and winner of numerous international competitions, among them: Demidov International Violin Competition in Yekaterinburg (1993), Tchaikovsky Xth International Competition in Moscow (1994), Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris (1996, France), Pablo Sarasate competition in Pamplona (1997. Spain), Rodolfo Lipizera competition (2000, Gorizia, Italy) , where he received four special awards: for best performance of concerts by Stravinsky, Sibelius, R.Lipizera, and a special audience award, an international competition UNISA (2002, Pretoria, South Africa), and others. In addition, in 1994 G.Murzha was awarded the prize of festival "Juventus" by Council of Europe.

Since 1990 Mr.Murzha gives chamber music concerts, recitals and concerts with symphony orchestra in Russia and Europe in major concert halls: Large and Small Hall of Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, Large and Small Halls of the St.Petersburg Conservatory, Gaveau, Teatre de la Ville, Arsenal (France), Concertgebouw (Holland), Palais des Beaux Arts (Belgium), La Chaux-De-Fonds (Switzerland), Liszt Budapest academy ( Hungary), etc. G.Murzha collaborated with conductors such as L.Foster, E.Svetlanov, E.Maksymyuk, M.Ermler, A.Vakulsky, A.Dmitriev, D.Alexeev, M.Yanovsky, Y.Sado, D.Liss, A.Mikhailov, J.Novak, V.Polyansky, Y.Simonov, E.Colomer etc. The repertoire of the violinist is more than 30 concerts with the orchestra, among them are rarely performed works of E.Dohnanyi, H.Badings, G.Dmitriev, M.Nosyrev, B.Bartok. Since 2007 the violinist is the artistic director of the festival "Violin-vagabond" in Yekaterinburg, where he performes the classics, ethnic, klezmer music, jazz. Graf Murzha recorded 3 CDs for the company Harmonia Mundi, collaborated with Alpha, Integral, Hanssler-Verlag, Naxos, Chant du Monde, Classical Records. Recordings of works by Stravinsky, Szymanowskyi, Schnittke, Prokofiev, Ravel and the recording of virtuoso miniatures "Violin vagabond" were highly praised by "Strad" and "Gramophone" magazines, as well as the prestigious awards "Diapason d'Or "and "Choc". Now violinist is working on project with Dohnanyi and Penderecki sextets for the firm Fuga Libera (Belgium).

The violinist partners are pianists: Barry Douglas, Bruno Canino, Christian Zacharias, Alexander Taro, Denis Matsuev, and viola players: Nobuko Imai, Paul Neubauer, Lawrence Power, Lise Berthaud, cellists: Francoise Groben, Marie Hallynck, Andres Diaz, Mark Koppe, Alexander Kniazev, clarinetists: Michele Lethiec, Ronald van Spandonck, horn players: Herve Joulain, Richard Watkins, Francis Orval and other artists. In significant part of tours musician is playing concerts with his regular partner Natalia Gus (piano).

In 2004, G.Murzha was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Russia". Now Mr.Murzha is the professor of Moscow Conservatory. His master classes take place in France, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland and UK. Since 2005, Mr.Murzha is regularly invited the jury of Russian and International competitions. From 2011 Graf Murzha is a head of strings in Moscow State classic academy named after Maimonid.

In June 2010, Graf Murzha won The Gold Medal - Grand Prix at the prestigious Violin Competition Violin Masters in Monte Carlo.

Mr.Murzha is playing his own amazing violin made by Bartolomio Obici, Verona, 1683.